While the world shut down, we linked up!

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Link Online Learners is more than a zoom hangout of young people from 35+ countries

It is a global youth network where young people (ages 10-18)

can join together at the global table – and that includes YOU!


Here are 3 ways that you, your friends and your family

can get involved to spread stories of youth collaboration across the globe.

JOIN #LOLglobal 


Why is it important for young people to connect from around the world right now?


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As LOL builds momentum around the globe, we are looking for great people to join the team.

Photo by Goze, Age 10, Khanke, Kurdistan-Iraq
Image shared with thanks to 100cameras

Tell us why…


You can take a selfie video or picture and post it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter and share:

1 – Why is it important for young people to connect from around the world right now?

2 – If you are aged 10-18, why would you like to join Link Online Learners?

3 – Invite 3 or more of your friends to join LOL using #LOLglobal

4 – Please copy, paste and post “go to https://linkonlinelearners.org/ to join LOL” in your message so that other people can join us in our weekly live sessions.

Volunteer to grow the movement


As Link Online Learners builds momentum around the globe, the LOL team is looking for great people to join us.

Minimum commitment from two hours a week: 

Weekly session hosts and moderators – Lively or thoughtful? Always encouraging? Great with kids? Let’s talk! 

Zoom tech support hosts – Experienced on Zoom? Pretty unflappable? Good eye for detail? Drop us an email! 

Back office volunteers – Methodical? Good at getting stuff done? Team player? Pull up a swivel chair! 

Media and comms support – Good with words? Tip top at TikTok? Great at reaching a global audience? DM us!

Photo by Nafiz, 10 years old, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Image shared with thanks to 100cameras

This Global Life

Have you ever wondered about what life is like in other countries? Are you curious about school, sport or culture in other parts of the world?

If you answer yes, well we have a podcast for you! This Global Life is a conversation amongst curious young people from all over the world.

This Global life is recorded during session #4 of Link Online Learners.


HundrED seeks and shares ambitious education innovations; innovative, impactful and scalable approaches that are effective also in low resource environments and help our children flourish in life. Link Online Learners, was developed by a committed community of  mostly linked through the HundrED organisation. 
“Being a part of LOL allows me to engage with young people from all over the world in an environment that is safe and comfortable, and have discussions about countries we may not know much about."
LOL Youth Founding Member
New Zealand
“I've decided to start this experience with LOL surely to improve my English speaking, but mostly to meet new people, make new friends from all around the world and to hear different ways of life from mine.”
LOL Youth Founding Member​
"I think it's a super cool! The idea to connect young people around the world under the supervision of adult moderators is awesome. The kids get a sense of how to meet people online in a safe environment."
LOL Youth Founding Member​

One Link. One Click.
One World.

LOL chats are where your own culture and way of living connects you to the coolest house party playdate full of learning, empathy-building and healthy international mindfulness.

LOL breaks down national barriers and has been recognised by the OECD.


Become a member of LOL and get access to all the chats and projects!