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A global youth network where young people and experts come together – and that includes YOU!
One Link. One Click. One World.
Back in 2019, the world shuts down, but we linked up!
Thank you to our 6,000+ learners from 60+ different countries during these first 4 years. This journey has been extraordinary because of you!
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LinkOnlineLearners is more than weekly online hangouts of people
It is a network that links experts, teachers, schools, learners, solution providers and all kinds of programs and projects come together, and hence collaborative magic happens!
LOL chats are where your own culture and way of living connects you to the coolest house party full of learning, empathy-building and healthy International LOL breaks down national barriers and has been recognised by the OECD, UNESCO, and The British Council amongst other organizations for our global impact and safeguarding. 
Join us! There is much more yet to come!

Become a member of our LOL community and start linking today!
Weekly International exchange chats Fun Interactive projects!



Join our fun international English calls, perfect for students teachers and classes

to participate in! LOL is LIVE!

Real Ideas, connections and projects are made every week!

Our group is now 100 teacher volunteers strong from 20+ countries.

We encourage our LOLers to speak naturally and freely with each other

Chat - Practice your english

Question - learn about other countries and cultures

Interact - learn - exchange - make new friends

Every Tuesdays on Zoom:

9 pm Vietnam

7:30 pm India

9am USA

8am México


Sunday meetings are forums where youth and global teachers are able to meet and share their favorite books, exchanging their reading knowledge, and inspiring others with wonderful stories.

Every Sundays on Zoom:

8 pm Vietnam

6:30 pm India

8am USA

7am México


"Being a part of LOL allows me to engage with young people from all over the world in an environment that is safe and comfortable, and have discussions about countries we may not know much about."

LOL Youth Founding Member

New Zealand


"I've decided to start this experience with LOL surely to improve my English speaking, but mostly to meet new people, make new friends from all around the world and to hear different ways of life from mine."

LOL Youth Founding Member



"I think it's a super cool! The idea to connect young people around the world under the supervision of adult moderators is awesome. The kids get a sense of how to meet people online in a safe environment."

LOL Youth Founding Member


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