The year 2020; COVID-19 changed life in an instant. In March we were optimistic it would be for a short time. As the months go on, our hope is for a lasting positive impact on how we choose to live our lives.

Country by country schools closed down. For young people across the globe, school has turned into an online experience from home overnight – at least for those learners who are fortunate enough to have online access.

Children and young people across the world have never had more in common than they do now.

Who we are

Link Online Learners was founded by a collaboration of educators, innovators, ambassadors and youth ambassadors all connected to HundrED. As we grow, other globally-minded people who share our hopes for today and tomorrow, have joined the movement. 

What we do

We run global, youth-led online intercultural exchanges. These range from fun games and conversations as entry points to member-generated extended collaborations that foster meaningful understanding as well as deep empathy and unique insight from designing first-hand experiences together.

These are the kinds of quality interactions that only usually happen in once-in-a-lifetime school foreign exchange trips. We are making them happen four times a week, to create really powerful bonds and genuine friendships between young people from truly diverse countries and lifestyles.

Why we do it

Our mission is to ensure that the next generation are fluid and very comfortable in interacting, collaborating and developing authentic friendships across cultures, world views and geographical boundaries. We believe that empathic listening and active engagement with people from places you may never go to, will help build a world that appreciates our shared humanity.   

Ultimately, our vision is that we send LOL members out into the world each week, more and more able to understand and to use their collective and diverse human ingenuity to deal with the most pressing challenges of our time.

LOL Values


Everyone at the LOL table is interested in what others have to say, what they do and their perspective. From all walks of life, we are interested in the cultural similarities and differences in an internationally-mindful way. 


To really understand other cultures, we learn from the heart. Not just compassionate but actively seeing and seeking the best for others. We are empathetic in our listening, speaking and doing.


From the introverts to the extroverts, everyone has a place at LOL. The act of courage to show up and be present, no matter the time of the day. To speak up, to perform, to take action is the LOL way.


We are all in this together. We are driven by our desire to get and stay connected, no matter what the world throws at us. Connected across borders, cultures, religions, perspectives, and ways of life.


Alex Bell

Founder Portland Education, Co-founder Xtalks, top 100 innovator - HundrED. UK + MALAWI


Hector Grimaldo

Academic Director / HundrED Ambassador, Dreamland Eco English VIETNAM


Blessing Akpan

SDGs Advocate, Google Certified Educator, Scratch Educator, Kids Coach NIGERIA

Lisa Gottfried

Digital Design Educator, New Technology High School; Professor, Touro University; Adobe Education Leader & Master Teacher; HundrED Innnovator, Ambassador and Academy Member USA


Gerry De Fazio

Learning Consultant @ Toddle, Director @ NoTosh Inc (Canada), IB Educator Network, HundrED Ambassador, CANADA + AUSTRALIA

Lene Jensby Lange

Lene Jensby Lange

Founder & CEO @ Autens.dk consulting house, Top 100 global innovator - HundrED.org, Vice Chair @ Association for Learning Environments Europe, member of multiple advisory boards internationally, Academy member @ HundrED.org, Head of Global Schools Alliance, DENMARK


Jeff Holte

Head of Education @ Liger Leadership Academy, top 100 innovator - HundrED. CAMBODIA


Jason Lewis

Vietedutech, VIETNAM


Margot Margarones

Educator @ National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME), USA


Sarah Kingstone

Associate Consultant @ NoTosh, MBTI Practicioner, editor + contributor @ EPPE Network, HundrED Ambassador, CANADA

Nadia Thu Huong Ho

Founder @ DaMon Education, Hộ chiếu xanh đi quanh thế giới, USA, VIETNAM, CZECH REPUBLIC


Ema Bliznovska

Educator @ English Language School, MACEDONIA

Laurence Brown

Owner QAAEdu, QA Assessor & Coach, UK

Brian Gough

Louisiana Tech University, USA

Katie Stickley

DidTeach, UK

Mark Pygrms

CEO and founder Big Blue Link Education Consultancy, UK


Pero Sardzoski​

Co-founder & Director of Studies @ Pegasus English Language School, MACEDONIA

Dr Pamela Redmond

CEO @LearnShifts, Founder Learning Innovation Lab; Professor, Touro University; NapaLearns Board, USA

+ Our amazing youth founding members:

Bohpa, Caroline, Jacob, Teddy, Dalin, Đường, Emma, Gian, Hannah, Leah, Mai, Magnus, Marigold, Elliott, Olivia, Austin, Zoe, Aurora, Noah, Vutha and Venghour from Vietnam, Italy, Cambodia, New Zealand, Denmark, USA, Belgium and Canada.

Amongst this group are a number of HundrED Youth Ambassadors including the Founders of One Small Candle – HundrED Open.