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Hector Grimaldo

"I am working to help dream, create, connect, and help scale innovative projects and opportunities which share a vision of a better future."

Hector wants to motivate, train and guide students and schools to be part of this new era of Technology in education while deepening their roots with nature. Furthermore, he aims to serve in making valuable quality education available to all. With networks like HundrED, Teach Millions and LinkPower,  Link Online Learners  and through his school in Dreamland ECO English, Hector is building international education partnerships through creative and collaborative thinking and project management training.

You can find me at:            


My mission since becoming an educator has been clear. To bestow generous and humble traits upon students. Arm them with values that will shape them into the best versions of themselves. My mission is to make them realize that each of their “DREAMS” can come true, if they believe in them hard enough, and are willing to do what it takes to turn them into reality. My mission is to make each of my students confident enough to be the voice others want to listen to,
- to be the life of the party,
- to be eager to connect , share and speak their minds with others,
- to be respectful and curious enough to listen to others,
- to see each encounter and experience as a new and unique learning experience,
- to be hungry to learn, develop, and surpass their expectations every day,
- to be confident enough to share their ideas with the world while believing in their “DREAMS”,
and lastly my mission is for my students to be committed in being part of Vietnam’s rapid development and for them to be part of the solutions to the problems that our World is facing today.

Dreamer are Doers

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