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How to structure compound adjectives

Hector Grimaldo
Nga Phuong Bui - Naomi


Topic 1: Food and Nutrition

1. Nutrient: A substance that provides nourishment, essential for growth and the maintenance ò good health.


Fruits and vegetables are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

The body requires a balance of various nutrients to function properly.

Nga Phuong Bui - Naomi
Hector Grimaldo
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You can find a range of daily life - related vocabulary.

IELTS Speaking collocations: LIFESTYLES



I'm not feeling well. I need to make some serious lifestyle changes. My overall health is quite poor.

I have to reduce my stress, get plenty of sleep, and eat a balanced diet. It shook me up when my doctor said that if I didn't change, my life expectancy would decrease.


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Hector Grimaldo


    You can find a range of daily life - related vocabulary.
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