Do you teach 10-18 year olds? 

Are you looking for opportunities for them to connect with other young people? 

Do you and your learners need a safe, social platform to practice English?

Are you internationally-minded and want to bring the world to life in your classroom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Link Online Learners is here to help!

LOL for Classes

Link Online Learners is a safe way for teachers and classes to connect and be social with other teachers and young people from around the world. 


In each of our 45 minute sessions held in a Zoom chat room with vetted volunteers, we make time and space for young people to connect, learn and grow together! 


As a social gathering, your students will have the opportunity to learn and share informally about cultures and ways of life around the world.  


Youth members with great ideas  join break out rooms supervised by adult volunteers to create projects like podcasts, plays and music. 


Visit our FAQ page to learn more. 


Everyone at the LOL table is interested in what others have to say, what they do and their perspective. From all walks of life, we are interested in the cultural similarities and differences in an internationally mindful way.


To really understand other cultures, we learn from the heart. Not just compassionate but actively seeing and seeking the best for others. We are empathetic in our listening, speaking and doing.


From the introverts to the extroverts, everyone has a place at LOL. The act of courage to show up and be present, no matter the time of the day. To speak up, to perform, to take action is the LOL way.


We are all in this together. We are driven by our desire to get and stay connected, no matter what the world throws at us. Connected across borders, cultures, religions, perspectives, and ways of life.

Curriculum Connections

LOL sessions are a time for young people to be curious, show empathy, build confidence in a connected community. The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and language learning that happens in LOL sessions is nurtured and celebrated. 

Joining LOL can, 

  • Enrich the learning of units of inquiry about the world
  • Offer social conversation practice
  • Build confidence speaking with groups

1. Select a session.

Every Tuesday: 



2. Register to join.

Invite students to sign up with their parents. 

3. Join your session

Click the link in the Members Only page.