Global Video Chats led by Young People for Young People.  

While the world shut down, we linked up!

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What happens in an LOL chat?

Tours around the world

Interested in seeing live tours of each other’s countries? What’s that? A fish trap above the market? Ask for more information about what you are seeing in real time.

Culture, Culture, Culture

Ever wonder what other people eat for breakfast?  What sports people play? What interesting superstitions or beliefs are unique to where you live? What’s school like around the world?

Artists Unite

Do you love drawing? Are you an actor looking for a virtual stage? Show off your skills, teach others, or learn from the masters in these interactive chat sessions.  

Have an instrument you play and want to jam with others?  Or maybe you’d like to be a guest in the LOL podcast.  Bring your music, your questions and answers. 

This Global Life

This Global Life was initiated by the young people of Session #4. Each week this committed group hosts, records, edits and creates cover art for each episode.  This Global Life is a chance for us young people to learn about countries that may seem so foreign and distant from our own, and share our own unique cultural identity with others from around the world in the form of a podcast.

Now the learning extends beyond just the LOL family, it’s opened up the invaluable experience we’re lucky enough to have at LOL to the rest of the world.

Listen below for a taste or visit, This Global Life on your favourite streaming platform to hear more episodes. 

Do you have a burning question about a certain country? 

An idea about a culture that you want to be verified by someone of that culture?