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LinkOnlineLearners introduce new way to learn and improve your English skill!

Hector’s IELTS Mindset

Hey, future IELTS master! Welcome to IELTS Mindset on Classin, your personal roadmap to IELTS success. I’m Hector – Son Goku, with over a decade's experience in education and language teaching. As your trusty guide, armed with all the insider knowledge, strategies and motivation you'll need. 🚀

- What’s Cooking?!: IELTS Mindset offers a comprehensive suite of lessons covering all IELTS sections, enriched with interactive practice tests and my tailored feedback to fine-tune your skills.

- Our Goals Together: Together, we’ll deep dive into the IELTS format, elevate your English across the board, strategize to outsmart the test, and polish your skills till they shine.

- Where Magic Happens: Classin is our virtual home, where innovation meets fun.

With its unique and engaging tools, we’ll connect, learn, and interact in ways that make mastering IELTS not just achievable but also enjoyable. Imagine the most interactive and connective online lessons, only found here!

Vincent’s Adult Communication

Hello, aspiring English communicators, Vincent’s Adult Communication course is your gateway to conquering the real world with unparalleled English communication skills. As someone who’s navigated numerous age levels of public and private speaking seas in Vietnam and taught professionals worldwide, I bring to the table not just lessons, but real-world insights. 📈

- What We’re Going After: From emails to presentations to personally tailored role-plays, Vincent’s Adult Communication is your all-in-one package for real world English proficiency and confidence.

- Our Blueprint: We’ll dive into the nuances of English communication, refine your listening and speaking skills, and immerse you in the everyday jargon that will set you apart in successful real life scenarios.

- What You’ll Achieve: Our mission is for you to overcome pronunciation challenges, amplify your communication clarity, and master your rhythm and flow of English, making every conversation effortless.

- Where Do We Meet? Flexibly planned online or offline, coffeeshop or formal meetings with Vincent is where your journey unfolds, offering a vibrant and interactive learning environment. It’s where our sessions come alive with real-time collaboration and engagement, thanks to Vincent’s unique tools and connectivity.


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